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A vendor is selling juice to a couple from an Oats & Ivy branded commercial cargo vending bike in a park in Toronto Ontario
Icicle Tricycles can help you get your idea rolling! We love to get businesses rolling on our Icicle Tricycle Vending Bike!  If you are looking to take your craft from hobby to income, move your passion for baking into a business, or share your love of coffee with the world, our commercial cargo vending bike can take you from Halifax to Vancouver and everywhere in between!
Starting a new business can be overwhelming. Starting small can make it easier! Icicle Tricycles is an affordable way to get your business idea to fulfillment. 
Schedule your own hours, choose your days off, and be your own boss! The freedom a three-wheeled cargo bike provides combined with your limitless imagination can take you just about anywhere! The Icicle Tricycle is a perfect vending bike option for farmer’s markets and crowded events! 
While vending ice cream is the traditional treat from a vending trike, you can do anything you dream up! Use your vending bike to sell cupcakes, Bannok, specialty canned jams, Newfoundland Snowballs, Waffles, or other tasty treats. 
Maybe the kitchen isn’t your wheelhouse. Icicle Tricycles are used for all kinds of goods and services! Sell prepackaged treats at local events, start a beauty shop on wheels, maybe start a mobile art gallery with matted prints, sell your handy craft, pedal flowers, screenprint t-shirts on the go,  create a mobile movie theatre – the options are as endless as your imagination!  
A business on a 3 wheeled cargo bike helps you connect with more people to grow your customer base, is free eye-catching mobile advertising, and a great way to conduct market research while being part of the market!
We have seen folks go from their Icicle Tricycles vending bike to owning their own brick and mortar shops! Icicle Tricycles are a fantastic way to start any business and get your product directly to the customer. Ride your vending bike right up to your new customers, self promote in your local parades, and sell at farmer’s markets. Get your business connected to your community by being mobile right where your community happens!


  • Open interior cargo space
  • Rear bike rack
  • Headlight and Taillight for evening or early morning events
  • Custom vinyl wrap and laser engraving for branding options
  • Modular Design
  • Prices start at  $3375.00

A vendor sells baked goods to a customer from a commercial cargo vending bike at a popup artist event in Montreal Quebec

More Information

People love small business owners! People also enjoy scaled-down versions of their favorite products. Something big offered in smaller cuter version. Something gigantic into something mini. Take your mini shop to mini on a Vending trike and maximize your ability to reach people!
With the trend becoming the norm, bring your creativity! If it’s not shocking to buy ice cream and coffee by ice cream bike or coffee bike, there’s no reason not to roll out to a dog park with a pet food bike. Let us know what your idea is, we’d love to hear it!
Contact us today to get your dream rolling!