An icicle tricycles library book bike sits in front of a red brick wall. The front shelf of the trike is up and a laptop is on it. The lid is open and books sit on the shelving inside.

The Icicle Tricycles Library Book Bike Comes fully equipped with a gloss white cargo box, 7 speeds, a reinforced folding frame, umbrella holsters, and multiple brake mounts.

This compact and mobile book bike has an exterior graphic vinyl wrap, as well as an interior bookshelf, interior lid shelf, brochure holder, chalkboard, front fold-down shelf, and a side door with latch closure. The interior lid shelf is perfect for children’s books as well as magazines! Show off the book of the day or newest titles on the chalkboard! The side door makes the interior more accessible to kids. The front shelf is a great location to set up a laptop or a cash register.