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Employee of Storybook Gardens on Ice Cream Bike and Treats Trike in London Ontario Canada
Storybook Gardens Ice Cream trike, London, ON
Who doesn’t love the sound that signals sweet frozen treats! When one with a sweet tooth hears that Ice Cream Bike bell they know that the sweet treats have arrived!
Are you are looking to spread that joy or start your mobile frozen treats entrepreneurial dream? Our Ice Cream Bikes are the perfect and economical option. Whether you are looking for a summer job or a full-time entrepreneurial venture, or a way to move your business into more than just a brick and mortar, our ice cream trikes are a great vehicle for your business. 
Icicle Tricycles are delivered fully assembled and ready to hit the streets! We offer custom vinyl wraps for branding so your Ice Cream Bike will stand out and be remembered! Our trikes come in 7 different frame colors and we offer custom powder coat colors! If you are looking to pedal your vending bike around town, go to the farmer’s markets to sell scoops, hit the baseball fields with sweet treats, or serve ice cream at a catered event, our ice cream bikes can take you there! We have years of experience making icicle tricycles and love to see business and marketing dreams come true!
We have tested them for ultimate stability and safety. And if you’re headed farther than you care to pedal, our commercial cargo trikes fold for easy transportation!
Our ice cream carts have a hatch lid to allow for ease of access to the inner trike box. For ease of loading and unloading supplies, the entire trike box lid also opens! If you’re looking to do popsicles, scooped ice cream, freezies, gelato, or other prepackaged or homemade frozen treats, Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bike will get you rolling!
  • Umbrella Holsters on all 4 corners of the trike box
  • 7 Frame Colors
  • Custom Insulated Trike Box
  • Open interior
  • Bike Bell
  • Custom Options
  • Pricing begins at $3,375
Girl enjoying treat sitting on Soft Peaks Ice Cream Bike with umbrella out front of Ice Cream shop in Vancouver British Columbia
Soft Peaks Ice Cream Trike, Vancouver BC

More Information 
These Ice Cream Bikes are great for ice cream treats, popsicles, mini pints, freezies, gelato, organic ice cream, vegan ice cream, ice cream cookies, push pops, frozen yogurt, frozen chocolate-dipped banana pops…we could go on and on!
Have a logo you want to use? We have custom graphic wraps available. You or your designer can place all of your artwork and graphics in our provided Adobe Illustrator template and return it to us to make your Ice Cream cart trike box exactly how you envision!
Contact us today to get your dream rolling!
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